Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Funny Story

We're in the middle of a Thanksgiving baking fest at my house, but I had to take a quick break to share a funny story from this week.  But first you need to know that I have long suffered from a serious disorder that I just now self diagnosed as "Hollywood Life Expectations."  For years now I've consistently over-glamorized things in my head, only to be caught slightly off guard when things don't go quite according to plan.  For example, after watching "She's All That" I was pretty sure prom was going to be the most fantastic, coolest night ever.  But there was no spiked punch (that I found) or choreographed dance, and Usher certainly wasn't the DJ.

I've talked about my lofty expectations for picking a Christmas tree last year here, and my high hopes for Halloween here, but somehow after years of thwarted prom, holiday, and other everyday kinds of Hollywood dreams, I just never seem to learn.

So, back to my funny story.  A few weeks ago Ryan mentioned that a friend of a friend of a coworker sort of person had written a romance novel and was looking for models for her book cover.  The coworker had recommended Ryan due to his strapping good looks and flowing locks, and when they said they were looking for a girl with long blonde hair he offered up my (6 month pregnant) services.  They apparently saw pictures and "hired" us for a photo shoot last night, assuring us they could cover up the belly.

As soon as Ryan told me this my mind went immediately to the glamorous, sexy, romantic photo shoot they'd shown on The Bachelor last season.  I could just imagine me with Fabio Ryan, lying across some big rock in the wilderness, my dress slightly untied, passion in our eyes.  It was going to be hot.

Then we showed up to the photo shoot and learned that most of the book series are about Amish people, and this one was about a couple in the civil war area who are "unmarried and can't really be touching much."  My long blonde hair got parted in the middle, braided tightly into a bun and covered into a super hot hair net.  Not my best look.

I probably shouldn't even share these photos, but who am I to keep you from a good laugh on this Thanksgiving eve??

I guess we'll chalk this up to another Hollywood dream gone bad.  I really won't ever learn.

- K

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