Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Grandma Visit

Another quarter close has snuck up on me at work, and with Joan being out of town we've had to call in the reinforcements, which means a lot of exciting visitors for L.  My stepmom came into town last week and ran around with that silly girl all week.  They had a blast reading about 2.3 million books every day and chasing our poor pup around who got neutered and was forced into the cone of shame.
It's so sweet to see how much Lyla loves to have visitors these days.  The way she grabs their hands and drags them around from one activity to the next is pretty cute.  And her rendition of the word "grandma" going from "ma" to "wa-wa" to "wa-mwa" was pretty cute too. 
Wa-mwa was so helpful to me, keeping L busy all day long and helping around the house.  And I think it's safe to say Lyla had a blast.
Kevin, on the other hand, has seen better weeks.  ;)
- K

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  1. Sorry I missed all the fun...can't wait to see you guys at Christmas! At least Kevin got a new book to share with LR. And love the scrunchy face!!