Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Last week Ryan's family was in town for Thanksgiving.  Ryan's sister, Alycia, got into town before everyone else last Saturday.  She came to watch Lyla on Sunday while we flew to Greenbay for the day to see the Vikings - Packers game with Ryan's company.  The day trip is pretty cool and a little fancy-jet-setter ish, but we're not exactly die hard Vikings fans, it was by far the coldest I have ever (EVER) been, and Lyla ended up with a pretty bad case of separation anxiety, so the jury's still out on if it was "fun" or not.  ;)

When Lyla's grandparents showed up on Wednesday it took her about .5 seconds to warm up and then she proceeded to run in circles around the living room while screaming.  Then the hand grab and drags and "wa-mwa!" "papa!" shouts started.  She was slightly excited.  I seriously can't get enough of the way her face lights up when visitors are around.

We had a mini Christmas morning session since we won't be going home this year, and of course the typical baking and cooking frenzy on Thanksgiving.  It's always nice to have family around, particularly during the holidays.  We even managed to get our Christmas lights up, tree picked out and all of our decorations up!

I was pretty terrible about taking photos, but here's a few from the week.  I'll post more from our trip to the museum tomorrow.  Let's just say I got some amazingly blurry shots of L on my phone (which I get to upgrade on Friday, finally!  Hallelujah.) and we will NOT be taking any trips to the library in the near future.

- K

the homemade tag blankie was an immediate hit :)

a talking minion was a huge success too!


his new favorite coffee mug

these family photos...

it's only going to be harder next year...

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