Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I had my 20 week appointment today, and found out that our littlest baby girl is doing well and right on target!  We found out last week at the ultrasound that she's a she, which I still can't believe at times, but the only thing I really cared about hearing is that every little part they look at is in the "normal" and healthy range.

I'm also here to tell you not to believe old wives tales.  EVER.  With Lyla we were sure that we were having a boy.  All the signs pointed to it, the Chinese calendars said it, it was a done deal.  So when the ultrasound tech announced "girl!" we were both a good way of course.  ;)  This time my pregnancy has been SO different.  Every little thing has felt different, which "they say" means it should be a different sex.  On top of that the only thing last time that pointed to a girl was Lyla's heart rate.  So this time I thought the lower heart rate and different pregnancy for sure meant we were having a boy.  Fooled again! 

But, we are overjoyed to be welcoming a new little precious girl into this family.  I had hoped for a girl and boy for different reasons, but I am so very excited for L to have a baby sister and built-in best friend.  I have a lot of sisters and they are absolutely my favorite people on this earth.  I'm already dreaming of shared bedrooms, little girl giggles and whispered secrets.  I know as a mom I should hope to know every little detail, but I almost find myself hoping they have such a close relationship that they keep me out of some juicy dirt (but not really that juicy) every once in a while.  That's the kind of stuff that builds those sweet tight knit bonds.

We've decided to name this baby girl Everly Joy.  I already know that she's going to bring such a joy to this world and to our lives.  Just like her beautiful, loving, sweet big sister, Lyla Rose.

Stay cozy, little Everly!  We can't wait to meet you.

- K

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  1. Everly's profile looks just like Lyla's! Cute little cheeks and nose and curls yet but I'm sure she's getting some good butter!