Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kitty Bats

Lyla's morning routine has been a little off lately, with her wake ups ranging from 6 to 8 AM.  She used to sleep from 7pm to 7am on the dot, and that one less hour is just really unfair if you ask me.  But when she wakes up and immediately runs into our bedroom, cozies right into our bed and demands "KEETY BAT!", that 6 AM time suddenly feels a little friendlier. 

We recently found that "Hotel Transylvania" is available On Demand (which hello, PTL for that.  What did parents do before it??) and she is obsessed with the bats, which she insists look more like kitties than anything.  And at 6 AM I am more than happy to oblige to some quiet TV time, especially when it means a cute little warm girl snuggled right up next to me.

That tiny girl in our huge bed, curled up between Ryan and I is just about the best feeling in the whole entire world.  Especially when she's going going going every other part of the day, those quiet, dark moments are just too sweet.  The best start to a morning in my book.

- K

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  1. You're so good at capturing sweet little memories in the moment like this. They're the best parts of life!