Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Weird Little Tag Lover

I have loved every second of Lyla's silly personality appearing more and more each day.  I am planning on doing a "20 month" post to capture all of her little idiosyncrasies of this stage, but there is one that is too awesomely weird to not get its very own post.

I know I've already mentioned a million and one times how cozy she is with everything.  The girl loves her some good fuzzy blankies, stuffed animals, cats, puppies, pillows...anything remotely soft and / or furry.  But recently she has become quite obsessed with tags as well.  And if you've never noticed before, pretty much everything has a tag.  Which is quite convenient for her.

She really prefers the silky tags that typically accompany clothes, stuffed animals and blankets, but I think she'd really take any type given the choice of tag or no tag. 

The mere sight of a tag will send her straight into sucking-thumb-cozy-coma.  I mean she can spot one across the room, and instantly it's "tag tag!", and she's running for the tag, thumb in mouth.  Once she has the tag in hand and is rubbing it between her little pudgy fingers her whole little body just collapses on the nearest soft whatever.  It's like she's in a tag trance.  And it's one of my favorite weird things about her.

- K

case in point

i might die the day those knuckle dimples go away

trying on her new trench...and buckling.  another really funny obsession of late.

slightly obsessed with that profile

it's quite the feat when i'm able to get a little braid in that head of hair. but it's always worth the effort.

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  1. Awww so funny about the tags! Mya does the same thing with her blankets, but only with the fleece ones. It's an odd little habit but I love it. It's precious! I even have some fleece pajama bottoms that she tries to snuggle up with and chew on, even with me in them! Ha! :)