Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend in Seattle

This weekend I got to take a quick trip to Seattle to visit my sister, Jo.  I made the trip sans baby and husband, which gave me a little bit of anxiety beforehand, but it was the very best time.  Having a couple days with no responsibilities really does a girl good.  And missing them made it that much easier and sweeter to come home, back to the little circus that is my life.

Jo picked me up at the airport and immediately handed me a burger and fries.  Best greeting ever.  We drove right back to her home town, Tacoma, and went out to dinner (second dinner for me) with her roommate.  Tacoma is a super cute little city (or is it a town?  I'm never really clear on that...) and the weather was amazing.  Even more amazing were all the trees that had changed colors.  I'm talking about the most vivid golds, oranges, and reds I've ever seen on a tree.  I pretty much never stopped talking about it the entire weekend.

Saturday we stopped at Legendary Donuts, which I would say was appropriately named.  They had an amazing array of the best donuts I've ever seen.  They even had a minion donut which I really should have gotten for L, given her recent obsession with "Me" (what she calls Despicable Me :).  But chances are I just would have eaten it, so it's probably actually better that I didn't.

Then we drove down to Portland to visit my good friend, Sarah.  She's officially my "oldest" friend and the only friend I still have from high school.  We hadn't seen each other in about 9 years, but it felt like maybe 9 days.  So, so good to see and catch up with her.

I'll post some more pics from Sunday in the next few days.  For now I need to get to bed because WE FIND OUT IF WE'RE HAVING A BOY OR GIRL TOMORROW AND I'M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!!!!  But I've gotta try anyways.  ;)


- K


biggest donut ever.  also, we're really, really good at taking car selfies.

seriously, those leaves.  my mediocre photography skills just don't do them justice.

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