Monday, October 21, 2013

Seattle Weekend Continued

The last half of my weekend with Jo was equally as amazing as the first.  The sun continued shining, we checked out her church which was so good, and went downtown with a couple of her friends.  While there we had lunch, admired more pretty trees, and got coffee at a super hipster coffee shop.  When in Rome, you know?  Finally we headed to Pike Place, the famous market downtown with the fish.  No fish were being thrown, but it was quite entertaining nevertheless.  We even caught a glimpse of that sneaky Mount Rainier on the way home.  Then we ended the weekend with some delish deli sandwiches and Sleepless in Seattle, which was the perfect ending if you ask me.

I'd never been to the Northwest before but it really won me over in the short couple of days I was there.  It was so good to see Jo doing so well.  I hate being so far away, but I couldn't be happier for her and the home she's created.  Her apartment is the cutest, her roommate and friends are nothing short of darling, and she's just really thriving out on her own.  I couldn't be more proud.

Here's the rest of the pictures from the trip.  After seeing them you'll understand why Jo and I were scouted for modeling while I was there.  (HA)

- K

if we were engaged, this is what it would look like.
you'll see these faces on the next issue of Vogue

jo, just trying to blend in

token "drinking coffee in Seattle" shot...which was actually apple cider


hi, i'm kassi, i'm in Seattle, and i'm awkward in pictures
the ORIGINAL Starbucks.  still, i don't get the line.  i'm pretty sure it probably tastes the same everywhere.
the ghost of Mount Rainier

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