Monday, August 26, 2013

A Visit From Grandma and Grandpa

As it turns out no one likes to visit Minnesota in the winter... or the summer.  But with Joan the Nanny out of town for two weeks, Grandma and Grandpa had no choice but to come help.

We got a bit of a reprieve from the heat and humidity and managed to find lots of fun things to do.  During the week while Kassi and I worked Lyla drug her grandparents on a tour of every park in the cities.  She is becoming a bit of a savant of parks.

On the weekend we hit Prior Lake Farmers Market which is world renowned for its healthy, organic fair.  We ate donuts and croissants.

We made a day of it with some rugby in the afternoon.  And if there is one positive to us having added a dog to menagerie of animals and babies at our house is that we can take the who troop out to rugby games.  Oh, and I made my return number 8... which wont make sense to most of you, but for me its like I have been wearing the wrong size shoes for two years and just got back in the right fit... make sense?

To be continued...

- R

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