Tuesday, August 6, 2013

18 Months

This little lady turned 18 months today, and I celebrated by singing "It's Your Half Birthday After All" to the tune of "It's a Small World" all day long, which she seemed to love.  She might be the only one that enjoys my singing, and I'm afraid those days won't last much longer.

We also went to the park, but I think she enjoyed the walk home the most.  We stopped on the path for a good 20 minutes while she busied herself by manhandling the stroller, eating goldfish, spilling goldfish, taking a break to sit and suck her thumb, and repeating all of those things again and again.  She was so entertained, and let me tell you, I'll take it over another Barney episode ANY TIME.

Today I kept thinking about how insignificant a period of 18 months really is in life.  A year and a half of marriage or a year and a half into college, it's just not that impressive really.  But these 18 months, in my hundreds of months, have been the biggest deal.  They have redefined me and are absolutely the most significant months of my life. 

Happy Half Birthday, my sweet Lyla Rose.  I love you more than you ever will know.

- K

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  1. Only when LR gets to be a mom will she know how much you've loved her!!