Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Renaissance Festival

While Ryan's parents were in town we went to the Renaissance Festival, and it was hilaaarious!  I hadn't been since once in Denver, forever ago.  I'd completely forgotten what a spectacle it is, and how seriously people take it!  It was so fun eating, drinking and people watching.  Lyla found out that she's a big fan of caramel corn and turkey legs, and couldn't keep her eyes off the elephants.

My favorite moment (maybe ever?) was a brief second while Ryan and his dad were watching a jousting show.  Lyla wandered over to some wooden steps and patted the spot next to her, beckoning for me to sit with her.  When I sat down I looked at her and she reached up and, like her dad and I are constantly doing to her, she gently brushed my hair off of my face.  I can't even explain the rush of emotions it caused in me.  Oh, how I love that baby.

- K


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