Thursday, May 16, 2013

Noisy Dress Shoes

When I was little my cousin had this obsession with "noisy dress shoes."  She insisted, emphatically from what I can remember, on wearing shoes that were noisy.  Because noisy equals fancy, and fancy equals pretty, and what little girl doesn't want to be pretty?

A little while ago my grandma sent Lyla this cute little pair of shoes, and immediately she was in love.  As soon as I opened the box she insisted I put them on, and ran around the house so proud of her new shoes.  As she ran around they made this cute little "click, click" with every step, and I couldn't help but remember the noisy dress shoes.  My little Lyla finally had her very own pair. 

To this day they remain her favorite.  She often comes out of her room with her dad first thing in the morning wearing jammies and her noisy dress shoes.  Most of the time they don't match at all, but she loves them, and I swear she holds her head just a bit higher whenever she has them on. 

Here's some pics of her very noisy, fancy, pretty shoes from the first day she got them, and of course one in her jammies too.  :)

- K

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  1. They go equally well with purple elephants and giant jean cuffs! That's got to be a top 10 LR picture where she's trying to put them on by herself -- with giant jean cuffs, lacy white dress and chubby arm rolls in a fancy knit sweater!!