Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dad's Turn- Father Daughter Weekend

I have to admit, when Kas said "Oh, by the way next weekend I have to go to Virginia for the Gold Cup..." I was a little scared.  I mean, I have taken care of the babe by myself many times.  Just not for a whole weekend.  Then I got to thinking how valuable a few focused days with my daughter would be.  A chance to connect just one on one the way her and her mother do almost daily.  So I decided if we were going to do it... we were going to do it big.

And we did just that...

Friday night we dropped mama off at the airport and had happy meals, then took a bath and read every book in the book shelf. 

Saturday we had eggs and bacon and hit the swing set before nap time.  Then we worked out and had lunch before second nap.  Then we shopped for puppies and went to Champps for dinner and the Kentucky Derby.  Lyla loves ponies.

Sunday we had waffles and went for a morning trip to the play ground before nap.  After nap we spent an hour reading every book in the Barnes and Noble kids section and grabbed sandwiches at Panera before picking mama back up at the airport.

In the end it was too short. And I have caught myself several times this week thinking about my baby girl and the fact that she really isn't much of a baby anymore.  I love that little girl so much and her youth already seems so fleeting.  Especially since in the not too distant future to spend this kind of quality time with her I will have to beat up her boyfriend and ground her... I better soak it up while I can!

- R

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