Tuesday, June 4, 2013

See ya, May

Let me just say that May officially kicked this family's a$$.  It was a tough month in a lot of ways for both Ryan and I, and Lyla is not exactly the type to sit quietly so we can get things done.  In fact two words really come to mind: "high" and "maintenance".  After a particularly exhausting day I asked Ryan how she could possibly have SO MUCH energy ALL FREAKIN DAY.  He said, "well, she's my daughter."  Touche, Mr. Chapman, touche.

But seriously, May was just the worst.  And so effin long - like one of those nightmares where you're trying to get away but can only move in slow motion. 

But enough about that, now that June is finally here I feel like I can breathe again, so I'll just move right along to gushing about our little miss.  Because that's pretty much my favorite thing to do...obviously.

A couple of new things I'm loving about that girl:

Her dancing skills.  She spent a good 10 minutes on our table dancing tonight before bed.  Twisting, spinning, clapping, running in place a la "Flashdance".  (Which is actually pretty appropriate because she really is a maniac.)  It was the best 10 minutes I've had in a long time.

Her hugs.  I know I keep going on about her hugging and kissing, but it keeps getting better.  We're talking wrap-around-your-neck-squeeze-with-all-her-might hugs.

The way she grabs your finger and drags you wherever she's going.  It kind of melts my heart because it feels like she wants you to come with her.  It's definitely not just because she needs me to assist in whatever maniacal plan she's come up with in that little head of hers.

And then of course the way she thinks it's hilarious to run at top speed toward the stove and try to touch the burning gas stovetop.  Not strongwilled at all, that girl.

Here's some pics from lately.  :)

- K



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  1. Girls just love pink .... boots and bikinis!