Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Last year was my first Mother's Day, and going into it I was like, "Woohooo!  I am a MOTHER!  CELEBRATE ME!!!"  And when it wasn't all flowers, and candy, and gifts, gifts, gifts, me, me, me, I was like, "hmmm, Mother's Day, huh?"  I think it probably didn't help that I'd also just moved to this arctic wasteland, and was a liiiittle bitter.

Anyways, this year was so low key, and completely fabulous.  I loved every second and was just so grateful for how blessed I am with an amazing husband that bent over backwards last week to help me get out of a funky mood I just couldn't kick, and my sweet little girl that always manages to bring a smile to my face.

Moral of the story, I guess I'm kind of a spoiled brat.  I'm trying to work on the bratty part...while maintaining the spoiled part.  ;)

Also, I'm pretty sure I have a future tomboy on my hands, and I'm a little scared at the prospect of having a boy someday.  Lyla is the most wreckless little daredevil, and I can't even imagine how much worse it could be with extra testosterone added to the mix.

Hope you mama's had an exra special weekend too!

- K

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