Thursday, May 9, 2013

15 Months

It seems a little cruel and unusual to celebrate age milestones with doctor visits and shots, but thankfully we had our last two little pricks until her second birthday today!  The poor little thing had a much harder time this go round, complete with pouty lips and nasty looks to the nurse.  Pretty sure she got that from me.

I'm proud to say she's a healthy little bug, growing and developing just as she should.  A lady doesn't share her weight, but she's at 90% for weight, and 32 1/4", which is 93% for height.

Other details not to be forgotten about this precious 15 month stage:

Her can-do attitude: This girl believes she can, and then she does.  And does, and does, and does.  The only time she slows down is when she's sleeping.  No joke.

Her "leadership" skills: I saw once that we should tell little girls that they have good leadership skills rather than that they are bossy.  I'll just leave it at that.

Her communication skills: She is quite clear when communicating what she wants.  She only says a handul of words, but she's found that screaming and pointing are also strong indicators.  When she gets something on her mind, she let's you know, and she will not forget.  That whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing?  Doesn't work in this house.

Her politeness: We've been teaching her a little bit of sign language, one of the signs being "please"...mostly due to her leadership skills.  My theory is if you ask politely, you usually get what you want.  And getting what she wants is exactly what she's interested in.

Her tenderness: She is in the most loving stage, and it completely melts me.  She hugs, rocks, and kisses anything she can get her hands on.  And she's so tender, and sweet.  Loving little pats here and there, and leaning her head on you for a second before running off to the next activity, sweet little hugs, and constant kisses.  I pretty much turn into a puddle 500 times a day.

Have I mentioned I love this girl?

- K

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