Monday, December 3, 2012

O Christmas Tree

This year we decided to step up our game and go with two Christmas trees.  We have a little fake one that we've had since we got married, so we decided to go for the real thing.  I was pretty excited, remembering all the years as a kid of going out and rifling through the too crooked, too short, too tall, too bare trees until we found the perfect one. 

I had this dream of us going out as a family to this cute little tree lot where we'd spend hours analyzing each and every tree, drinking hot cocoa, and singing carols until we found "the one" -  just as a cute little bird would fly up, land on my oustretched finger and sing us a little tune.  Then we'd pack up and head home, laughing all the way.

Then I woke up and realized we were at Menard's.  Surrounded by hot pink signs and cardboard boxes.  Oh, and the trees?  All completely tied up.  Please tell me how you're supposed to pick a tree when you can't see it.

Amazingly enough we picked out the cutest little tree I've ever had.  Seriously!  It's way better than our "perfect" fake one, and the smell is just to die for.  I don't know why it took us this long to get a real tree, but I'm hooked.

The highlight of the trip was definitely L meeting Frosty the Snowman for the very first time.  I'd say they hit it off.  ;)

- K

the real one

the fake one

and two minis for good measure :)

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