Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

I am not the type to do a lot of decorating for holidays, which I imagine will change as our kids accumulate and get older, but I am in love with Christmas decorations.  And since Ryan so diligently spent hours on the roof putting lights up for the first time since we got married, I decided to share some pics.

Our house typically feels pretty empty since we're still trying to furnish and decorate from our 1 bed 1 bath days, but when we put up these decorations, home automatically feels a little more homey.  I'm always a little sad to take them down come January...which is maybe why I procrastinate and sometimes turn that into February.  ;)

On a separate note, today was pretty fab.  I got to have breakfast with a good friend, and picked up my sister, Jo, at the airport who will be here through Christmas.  I really love my sisters.  I am blessed to have four of them, and while I love my brother too, sisters are simply the best.  Built in best friends.  I can't gush enough about mine, and can't help but hope little L has one of her own someday.  Here's a post from my sister, Savannah, about our family Christmases growing up.  She's an amazing sister, wife, and mama.  Love and miss that girl.

- K

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