Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dad's Turn- Little Monkey

Those that know me well know that I was a bit taken aback when we found out we were having a little girl.  I just assumed, as is natural for most recovering meat heads, that I would have a boy.  A boy that I could start prepping for a career in the NFL almost immediately.  I obviously came to terms with fathering a little Miss but still instantly began to compare Lyla's progress against other babies.  Lately I have had a lot to be proud of.

Recently while touring a local daycare Lyla met a little boy approximately two months older than her (named Axel by the way)... and promptly used his face to stand herself up and grab the toys on the table behind him.  Last week at the child care at Life Time, Lyla had two fellow 9 month old girls with her in the infant room.  She however decided she was getting the hell out of there.  While the other two just laid there she used the bouncy seats around the perimeter of the room to walk all the way around the room and was slapping the door and reaching for the handle when I came back to get her.

So needless to say L is going to be a professional athlete of some kind... maybe not football, but I am sure the Olympics at least.

- R

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