Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holidazzle Parade

Last Thursday our good friends, Shannan and Greg, invited us to go downtown with them and their little guy for the Holidazzle Parade.  Even though it was a little past L's bedtime I immediately accepted the invitation.  I don't know what it is, but having a baby makes me even more in the holiday spirit.  I envisioned standing outside in the freezing cold for hours and fighting off crowds while protecting my little lady, but I was game anyways. 

For once reality was actually way better than my imagination.  1) We set up shop at this great little restaurant with corner windows, where L and I shared butternut squash ravioli in between running outside to see the floats.  2) There was barely a crowd - no craning necks to see the lights or elbows to protect my girl from.  3) It was not even cold!  I didn't even wear my coat (or the scarf, mittens, long johns, etc. that I had brought.)

It was such a great night...with maybe just a little too much wine.  Seems to be a recurring theme with those guys.  ;) 

- K

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