Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This past weekend we had Grammy and Papa in town, and it was the first time Papa got to meet our Rowan.  When Grammy was in town right after Rowan was born, Lyla requested to have Papa come out for his birthday so she could plan him a surprise birthday party.  He came, but the surprise party wasn't much of a surprise.  Or a party.  More like just dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  ;)

It was a fun and very busy weekend.  Rowan showed off all his cuteness and the girls showed off their screaming lungs and every range of emotions.  Sometimes I'm just a little surprised that people continue to visit us and our crazy.  Gotta love family.  :)

Here are some pictures from the few days.  Thanks for coming, and for all the help!!

- K

Meeting the boy!

Look at that smile.  So cute I could die.

Cheesecake Factory!

Sever's Fall Festival.  The chicks LOVE this corn pit!

Pig races at the Fall Festival

And camel rides!

Check out those legs and kicks.  So many heart eyes.

Taking Lyla to Kindergarten.  She repped the Broncos that day.  ;)

After school we headed to Lake Calhoun for the greatest adventure of all time.

Adventure #1: Duck chasing

Adventure #2: Baby turtle spotting

Baby turtle!

These little guys were crawling out of a hole in the ground and running for the lake water.  They were so cute!

Sis and her "turtle team"

Adventure #3: Peddle Boating

I could eat that boy.

Adventure #4: Kayaking!

Adventures not pictured: Trying to find a parking spot, lunch (always a fun adventure trying to get kids to eat), swimming at the beach, playing at the park, collecting valuable treasures such as sticks, rocks, and bird feathers.

Making pancakes before preschool with Grammy!  :)

I think Sis saw geese...I'm not sure what Lyla is doing.

Last morning with Papa before they had to go.

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  1. Grammy must have been exhausted!! I know i would have been :0)