Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Boy

My boy.  I still can't get over those words.  I have a baby boy!  And it's magic.  I feel like I can usually find all the gushy words to sum up how I'm feeling about my babies, but I've been trying to write this post for over a month now and words just don't measure up to these big emotions.  People were right when they said there's something special about boys.  Of course every one of my babies is special, but there really is something different about a boy.  As soon as they put him on my chest, I could feel it.  He was my boy.  And I was so in love.

The last 3 months with this sweet boy have been the best 3 months.  It's funny how your family can seem so complete until you add another baby, and all of a sudden you can't even remember life before them.  I could live forever in these days of having his little warm body curled up on my chest, that sweet breath, buttery skin, knuckle dimples, rubber band's all too good.  My kind of heaven. 

But toddling one year olds, silly two year olds, and chatty three year olds are their own kind of heaven too.  Can't wait to see all the fun he has in store for us!  Plus I could use a lesson or two on dinosaurs and Tonka trucks.  ;)

Here are some photos from his very first bath at home!  Can't believe how he's grown already!!

- K

Yes, that's a pink towel with flowers.  And, yes, that has since been remedied.  ;)  

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