Thursday, September 7, 2017


Our little blondie started preschool today!  This little thing is our sensitive soul.  Evie gets her feelings hurt more easily, is more afraid to try new things, and gets embarrassed quickly.  She's also the first to compliment you, tell you she loves you, and is the best little hugger and snuggler.  

Our Evie Joy is still a little bit of a diamond in the rough, but she has matured so much in the last several months.  She has gained so much more confidence, been willing to get up and try again when something went wrong, and became the sweetest big sister.  She's even an official member of the neighborhood "friend team", according to Lyla.  :)

Last year, when Lyla was in preschool, we had so much fun in our couple of hours alone.  She would talk about getting to go to preschool herself, and when Lyla's new school also offered a 2 day, 2 hour preschool program for 3 year olds I knew it would be the perfect first step for her.  And she was pretty excited to get to go to school with her big sister!

I felt the tears coming on last night as I pulled her little dress out of the dryer in preparation for today.  We had gone to Target on Lyla's first day of school for her own little clothes shopping trip and when she saw this dress she said, "Oooh, my favorite color! Teal!!"  I don't even know when she learned teal was a color, but needless to say, she got the dress.  Pulling that little thing out of the dryer made me want to call the school and tell them I'd made a mistake.  She was too small for preschool and I was keeping her home for another year!  But I resisted the urge, and this morning when the fits started bright and early I was relieved to get a small break from the precious girl.  ;)

She was so excited to get dressed and put on her backpack and be a big kid with her sister.  When we got to the school she said "This is the first day of my LIFE!" and hurried to her class.  We hung up her backpack and took her jacket off, and when her teacher came to greet her she hesitated just for a minute, then realized there was play doh to be played with and ran right in.  No nerves, no tears, just a brave little 3 year old, spreading her wings.  Lyla went to her room next door, and I took off for a little alone time with my tiny guy.

Two hours later we were back and a small herd of 3 year olds came running to us parents yelling "Mommy! Daddy!!"  It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I scooped up my 3 year old and we headed for the car.  We sat and ate snacks and played I Spy as we waited for Lyla to get out.  She told me all about her day and how much fun she had and how much she liked her teacher.  It was the perfect first day for my girl.  Can't wait to see her shine!

Proud of you, Sissy Sue!

- K

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