Monday, September 11, 2017

The Fairest Weekend (and Unfairest Blog Post) of Them All

OK, this is the deal.  A week or more ago I spent a precious 2 hours of time writing this blog.  I say a precious 2 hours because I mean a precious 2 hours.  Every minute counts these days in getting anything done, but instead of doing something I needed to do I did something I wanted to do...because sometimes you get to make that choice.  Then after those 2 hours were done the blog refreshed and...blank screen.  There was nothing.  No words.  No pictures.  Wasted Time. 

There was rage and fury on my part but I think I managed to hold back the tears.  I have not, however, been able to let go of my grudge towards this blog or the internet or modern technology in general.  The problem is, I can't just never post these pictures because I do want the memories recorded.  So I guess they're just not going to be as pretty as they originally were because (I don't think I've ever said this overused saying before but) I. Just. Can't.  #bitterpartyofone ;)

Anyways, here's the long and short of it:

A) Ryan's friend, Jeff, came into town.  We went to the State Fair and ate too many chocolate chip cookies.  It was very fun.

B) The next day Jeff left and Goan came to watch the handsomest tiny man in the history of the world so we could take his big sisters to Valley Fair (nearby amusement park) for one last hoorah before school started.  It was a blast and much deserved for those little cuties.  They've been the best little helpers, and have handled waiting around while mama tends to the baby and being quiet while baby sleeps and being careful because baby is a baby so much better than I thought they would.  It was so nice to get a little break from all that and just be silly and loud and crazy for an afternoon.

Here are some pics!  :)

- K

State Fair!

Valley Fair!

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