Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Well, we did it!  We survived one of my most feared days since the day she was born - the first day of Kindergarten!  And I even escaped without any tears (or at least without many) tears!  Mostly because we happened to find a school that still offers half days and the two littles were graciously chaotic enough to keep me from dwelling on anything besides my survival instinct.

It's been so fun getting ready for school with her!  Lyla and I went on a Target date to pick out school supplies and a couple new dresses and shoes.  We attended our orientations and open houses, read our Kindergarten books and planned out the first outfit.  She couldn't have been more ready.

This morning we had the cutest few minutes where it was just us (baby bro was sleeping and Evie was doing some self-reflection in her room).  She asked if I could curl her hair, so we were in the bathroom and she was excitedly chattering about school and about being excited but a little bit nervous.  I told her that not so long ago she was a tiny baby like Rowan, and all I'd do all day was hold her in my arms, and how back then I never imagined this day would actually come.  But here it is, already!  And I told her how proud I was of her and what a great time she was going to have at school.  It was only a couple minutes alone with my biggest kid, but they were the kind of minutes you'll never forget.

And, would you just look at that precious little beaming face?  The excitement radiates off of her.  Back in those days when she was my baby I really dreaded this day.  I cried a lot of tears over the idea of this day even happening, but now that it's here I wouldn't wish it away for anything.  I love every minute of watching her grow.  But seriously, she can stop now.  ;)

Love you, Lyla Loo!

- K

The obligatory first day pic!

We had a little visitor while we took pictures.  Lyla was SURE it was one we had grown earlier this summer.  ;)

I'm not really sure about the earmuffs...except that they were forced on my own head several times and I was told to listen for a lion roar.  Sort of like seashells and the ocean...?

Silly girls.  They drive me crazy, but I love them so.

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