Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Sometime late last year Lyla declared that she was done with gymnastics and had decided that ballet was her true calling.  I finally got her signed up for the spring ballet session in February and she was pretty excited...until she figured out that ballet was much slower and more disciplined than gymnastics.  And Lyla is a lot of awesome things, but slow and disciplined are not really any of them.  It wasn't too long before she decided that maybe gymnastics really was more of her speed.  :)

We finished up the spring session and despite realizing that she wasn't a natural born ballerina, Lyla did have a blast.  She loved her teacher and the princess sticker she got after every class, and we even made some great new friends.  I was proud of her for sticking it out through the entire session without ever really complaining.

It may have been short lived, but I loved every minute of our little ballet stint.  The tutus and the hair buns and the constant fancy leaping across our house were kind of a dream come true.  But let's be honest, it's not like I had any graceful genes to pass on, so I kind of knew the ballet career wouldn't go that far.  I'm thinking we'll need to go full contact to have any real success.  ;)

Here's some pics of our little ballet star!

- K

Trying on her new ballet gear!

Ready for her first class.  :)

Picture day!  She even got to wear a touch of makeup, and now both girls are obsessed with lipgloss.  :)

Part of her class, before pictures.

The whole crew going in for their pictures.  It just doesn't get any cuter!

Last ballet class!  (We ripped through at least 3 pairs of tights and I refused to buy more at this point. :)

Got her pictures back!  So many heart eyes.

Recital time!  The poor girls had hand foot mouth disease the week leading up to this.  I didn't know if Lyla would even be able to attend, but thankfully she pulled through quickly enough to go without being contagious.  We quarantined Evie, not letting her touch anything or anyone.  Can't be too careful - I wouldn't wish that disease on anyone.

She was so proud of herself!  And that's her very first bouquet of flowers.  Pink roses, her favorite.  :)

Lyla and Miss Hannah

Lyla and her best ballet friend.  :)

So proud of this little beauty!

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  1. Right! That pretty ballerina would dominate the girls hockey league...when do the skating lessons start? (send us the bill)