Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The 7 Best Friends

A couple weekends ago we were graced by the presence of some of our very favorite people - Will, Heather, and Dex.  It only took 4 years, but they finally made it!  ;)  The crazy thing is that almost half of our friendship has been long distance, and precisely all of our parenthood.  But weirdly enough Dex and Lyla follow eerily similar patterns, and I honestly couldn't make it through this motherhood thing without Heather and our daily venting and/or gushing session about the latest thing our little boogers have gotten into.

The first time Lyla and Dex ever met, Lyla was about 10 months and Dex was 3 months.  While I was holding Dex for the first time Lyla crawled right over and planted a big ol' open mouthed smooch right on his mouth.  Every time they saw each other since then was brief and usually ended with Dex in tears, in true "young love" fashion.  :)  They couldn't wait to see each other again this time around, and they all got along like three peas in a pod, minus the several times they went fist-a-cuffs for a babysitter while we were at dinner.  The next day Lyla told me "Mom, I feel like I'm going to marry him."  haha!

The weekend was so great, the only thing that would've made it better is if we could do it more often!  Here are some pics from the visit.  :)

- K

Lyla made sure to put on her best gown to greet Dex.  :)

Having a good time while the kids duked it out at home.

It called for rain but we braved it and headed to the local amusement park anyways.

The whole gang.

He looks good with a bunch of babies.  :)

Twinning with our braids.  :)

Tight quarters.  :)

No joke, Sis rode this ride more than 10 times and then cried when she was finally forced off.  It was the highlight of her entire life.  Just look at that face!

We took them to one of our favorite lakes on Sunday before they had to leave town and we finally got a sunny day!  The kids loved checking out this mama duck and her babies.

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