Monday, June 27, 2016

Vacation Bible School

Last week the girls and I all attended VBS for the very first time!  VBS is technically for Kindergarten through 5th grade, but when I found out they offered a pre-K class for children of volunteers I figured it would be a fun change of pace for all of us.  And then I got slightly coerced into being a lead teacher for a 1st grade class.

Going into the week I was excited, but also nervous.  I had never even attended as a child, and being a lead teacher was a little bit overwhelming.  Not to mention that us girls have always had a bit of a laissez faire life.  We've never done daycare, so it's been a lot of jammies all day around here and not so much get-up-get-dressed-get-out.  Five days in a row of that was going to be a test.  Not to mention it was 3 hours, which was the longest I've ever left them anywhere AND went well past our normal naptime.  Double test.

I was so proud of the girls, they were more than amazing!  The first day I rushed downstairs, not sure what to expect from either of them.  I was slightly shocked to find two super happy girls!  Each of their teachers had rave reviews, and they both had little crafts and couldn't stop talking about their day.  By Friday everyone was a little worn out, but we made it!  Evie's teacher even commented about how "easy going" she was (she had them fooled!), and how she was by far the least upset in her class when it came to being separated from me.  I wasn't sure if I should be proud or offended.  ;)

Here are a few pics from our week!

- K

First day of school!

We passed by this park on our way home one day and Lyla asked if we could stop to play.  They'd done so well that we made a little pit stop to reward them.  :)

They had a "gone fishing" theme.  Sis was not interested in taking a picture with the decorations.

Pure "easy going" right there.

Last day of school!  Getting out of the house was a bit rough that morning.  I was nervous about how they'd do for those 3 hours, but they exceeded expectations as usual.  It was such a fun and exhausting week!  Lyla and I are still singing all the VBS songs.  Girl's got some pipes.  ;)

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