Sunday, March 6, 2016

Adventures with Grandma and Pop!

A couple of weeks ago Grandma and Pop came into town for a quick visit, and we had a grand old time!  While they were here we had the daddy daughter dance, we went "junking", and caught the very last day of the ice castles exhibit.  I even got to leave the house a few times without my two little crazy ladies in tow (Thanks, Grandma and Pop!!!)

The daddy daughter dance was at Life Time that Friday night.  This was the first time Ryan took both girls, and Evie was so excited to get to go!  And, of course Lyla was excited too.  :)  I think it might be her favorite night of the year, and I don't blame her one bit.  Dressing up, dancing, and endless amounts of cookies happen to be a few of my favorite things too.

L's been talking about the dance since right after Christmas and planning her outfit and hair.  This year it had to be her Princess Anna dress, Little Mermaid shoes and "Cinderella Real People" hair.  (The new live action Cinderella is a favorite around here at the moment.)  After getting her hair curled (for the first time ever!) she ran around the house, practicing her twirls, with Evie following her close behind.

I could go on and on about how this night and dance and everything it stands for turns my heart into the best kind of mush.  The excited buzz in the house as my sweet girls flutter around, twirling and giggling and loving every gushy compliment they get is just my cup of tea.  Not to mention their date is quite the catch!  Lucky girls.  :)

The next day we went to a nearby town and hit up some fun junk stores.  The girls are better junkers than I ever imagined.  Forget Toys R Us for their gifts - from now on they'll be accepting rusty tricycles, old lockers, and beat up toy cars only.  For lunch we ended up at a hole-in-the-wall burger joint where Sis camped out by the M&M machine and Lyla learned about shooting rifles. 

Since we were on a roll, we decided to keep the momentum going and head out to the Ice Castles exhibit where the Frozen sisters happen to frequent.  It turned out to be the last day of the exhibit due to the uncharacteristically warm weather, so we really lucked out.  The Frozen sisters did make an appearance, and Everly insisted on going down the ice slide about 100 times.

All in all a pretty good weekend!  Next time we see these grandparents we'll be in Florida, and then Alaska!  Can't even explain how excited I am for this summer.  :)

- K

Cheesing with Grandma and Pop!

The best we could do with Sis in the picture.  Stinker.  :)

I don't want to be all braggy, but HOW CUTE is her hair?!  :)

Cutest little thing!

This will forever be a favorite photo.  Lyla's face!!  Not the last time I'll get that face, I'm sure.

Twirling.  :)

Practicing their dance moves.

These two - too cute!!

Bunch of cuties!

I know I'm biased, but SO MUCH BEAUTY.

This is an "after" photo.  You know a dance went well when you come home with a heart balloon and missing a shoe.

Lyla sweetly brought a half eaten cookie home for Pop.  Pop bravely took a bite.  :)

Those sturdy legs in those pink boots!  I can't get enough.  Haha!

I mean, those thighs!  I could eat them up.

Ice castle!

Lyla was thrilled.  Sis clearly had other sentiments.

Happy Sis.

Sad Sis.

How does this thing work?!

Trespassing isn't wrong when it's this cute, is it?

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