Friday, March 18, 2016

Everly's Birthday Party!

I think if I could add a sixth love language it would have to be throwing birthday parties.  I told myself going into this year that I wouldn't do the whole big birthday party thing for the girls this year.  But then their birthdays approached and I just couldn't help myself.  And it doesn't stop with the party, it's the actual birthday too.  I can't resist the balloons and the banners and the sparkle in their eyes when they see it all.  On the one hand I tell myself that it doesn't matter, they won't remember, it's unnecessary.  But on the other hand their birthdays are kind of the biggest deal in my world and I can't stop expressing my excitement in these silly little parties.

Everly spends about half her time crawling on the ground, meowing and demanding belly rubs.  The other half is spent chasing her kitty or giving him treats.  She loves all things kitty so much I decided on a kitty theme for her birthday.  She threw in a little wrench when the night before her birthday I was talking excitedly about her turning two and out of nowhere she says "Go cake?  On cake?"  Go is what she calls Elsa since she sings Let It Go, and On is obviously Anna.  :)  Which meant she was asking for a Frozen cake, which was not on my radar at all.  I think she was just remembering Lyla's Elsa cake I had made, and relating that to birthdays but over here on their birthday it's kind of like what baby wants, baby gets.  ;)  I made sure we had a Go cake, On cake for her party and it paid off.  When she woke up from her nap right before the party she asked about it again and was so excited when I showed it to her.  She's still talking about the party, randomly listing everyone that was there then the kitty pops then the Go cake, On cake.  It's pretty darn cute.  :)

I did a little kitty dress up station for the girls and settled on swords and fart themed prizes for the boys.  Because all boys like swords and farts, right?  I really have no clue.  ;)  Amazingly it was a beautiful high 60's kind of day, so we were able to bust out the jump house too.  It was a fun day, and one Evie is not bound to forget for a long time.  Thanks to our friends that came to celebrate our little miss!

- K

Disclaimer: I didn't make a SINGLE thing myself, and it was glorious.

All I wanted was a picture with the birthday girl.  All she wanted was Goan Goan.  :)

The girls with Joan and Dave - their forever guests of honor.

This sweet hug inspired me to try for more "posed" pictures... didn't work out.

They love me so much.

Ryan drew this cute "pin the tail on the kitty" game!

It took a whoopee cushion to get this smiling pic.  :)

This is the exact baby that Sis found at Target and wanted SO BAD.  I had already gotten her presents so did not get it for her.  A friend happened to pick out the absolute perfect thing.  She was beyond thrilled!

All she really cares about is the frosting.  :)

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