Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I always have a list of things I want to post and little things the girls are doing that I want to memorialize, but then real chores or just bed wins out and I have other things that happen - holidays and events and visitors - that end up taking the priority.  Suddenly, months later those things are sadly not even close to current anymore.  While I have a million pictures to post from our recent visit with Grandma and Pop, I just couldn't let this Sis current event escape me, it's just my favorite right now.

Sis has always been a good little communicator and mimicker.  Ever since she started talking more she's had a few words that she throws in the mix that aren't really words at all.  It used to be "guhda" and "dogga", and has recently morphed into "gabba".  Gabba may not be a real word to us, but to Everly it is everything.  It's every word and no word.  It's a good word and a bad word.  It's everything she wants to say, but can't. 

Many of our daily conversations go just like this:

Sis: "Mama?"
Me: "Yes?"
Sis: "Ummm, gabba."
Me: "Gabba?"
Sis: "Uh huh."
Me: "Ok."
Sis: Walks away.

Sometimes it's a little more heartfelt.  Like tonight, after giving her and her sister baths I was busy lotioning her sister.  She marched up to me, grabbed my face with both hands, stuck her little face in mine, tilted it to the right and solemnly whispered "Gabba."  Like, you feel me, mom?  Gabba.  And I'm just like I feel you, girl.  Gabba for sure. 

I can't get enough of this stage and the constant evolution into her own little person.  Oh Sis, I just love the gabba outta you!  :)

- K

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