Thursday, March 10, 2016


On Tuesday my baby turned two.  Now to the rest of you "normal" people that sentence probably makes you think "how exciting!" or "that's great!" or "2 is so fun!" or "watch out!  terrible twos!" or any of those other silly things you normal people say about babies getting older.  But that's not exactly how my way too mushy-gushy-tenderhearted head works.  It's more like "NO!!" and "WHY?!?!" and "Where are the brakes on this dang thing called life???"  and then I cry and then eventually force my brain into submission and all those silly normal things everyone else says about birthdays.

Don't get me wrong, I love it.  I love them getting older and experiencing new things and the proud look on their faces when they accomplish something big in their little worlds.  But the thing is I just don't want to live in a world without a warm, cozy baby in my arms.  Or a little one year old stumbling around, learning to take their first steps.  Or a chubby-legged pig-tailed toddler running through my halls on their tippy toes.  I just can't get enough of every stage, and I think if I could create an alternate universe it would be one where my babies are all those ages at the same time, only without the restraint of time so I could avoid the complete exhaustion that would surely accompany having 50 baby stages running around me at all times.  :)

But I think the key to all these stages is just to enjoy the heck out of them, and believe me, that I do.  I literally cannot get enough of my sweet little Evie Sis.  She is difficult and feisty and stubborn at times, but mostly she's funny and sweet and she can turn on the charm like nobody's business. 

I love how her eyes dance and lips curve into a little smirk when she's teasing you.  I love her fuzzy duckling blonde hair she's had since she was born, and her slightly flushed face when she's just woken up.  I love the warmth of her skin when I grab her out of her crib and she holds on to me tightly, finding her comfortable place on my hip.  I love when she's tired and she's in that same spot on my hip and rests her little head on my shoulder.  I love that she still has a nice, healthy layer of that buttery soft baby fat all over her little body.  I love how she climbs all over you, standing on your legs, and sticking her face in yours when she's being goofy and wants your attention.  I love how out of the blue she'll ask to cuddle, and it suddenly becomes time for the family to pile up on the couch and watch some show together.  I love her love for fancy shoes and dresses.  I love how she'll fight you to the death if you try to take something from her, but she'll gladly hand it over when asked politely.

I just love HER.  Every little bit.  And I even love watching her grow.  I know she won't be my little toddler forever, but what a blessing it is to get to be her #1 fan on the sidelines of life, cheering her on to all the big plans God has in store.  And believe me, nothing small is going to come out of all that feisty.  :)

Love you sissypoo - forever and ever! 

- K

Lyla had a hard time grasping that all the presents weren't for her too.  :)

Evie's favorite present ended up being these awkward balloons.

This girl and her tippy toes.  :)


Had to bust into the new art supplies right away.  Drawing and painting has always been a favorite of hers.

This was before Lyla tackled the "2" balloon, broke the string and set it free.

We headed to the donut shop in our jammies.

A Goan Goan visit was probably the highlight of her day.

"If I smile sweetly no one will notice the tail pulling..."

We finished the day with a trip to the MOA to ride all the rides our little shorty pants could get on, followed by dinner at the Rainforest Café.  I think it was probably the very best day of her life.  :)

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  1. What pretty memories! Some days can last forever but the years fly by fast.