Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Sunday

When you move far away from family and you find friends that are as good as family, you're pretty lucky.  When they happen to live right next door - watch out because my 2 year old might sneak into your house while you're showering.  Seriously.  :)

The only bad thing about moving into our new house was leaving two of our favorite people, but luckily we're not far and we even got to spend Easter Sunday with them!  Scott and Julie joined us for church, at which point we were dead to our kids.  I think they even kissed them goodbye when they went to their classes.  I'm not sure I even got eye contact.  You know you're in good company when your kids love them even more than you.  :)

We had a great Easter, and even made it to church early!  (Miracle!)  I got approximately zero good pictures, but rest assured it was a completely relaxed, non fancy kind of holiday.  Like, a t shirt and sweats kind of holiday.  And you just have to love friends you can eat Easter brunch with in your sweats. 

- K


  1. That's great that you guys have such great friends. Sounds like a wonderful Easter. Xo

  2. Love those yellow rose Easter dresses!!