Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Last year before I ever knew if Evie was going to be a boy or girl I had it set in my mind that the baby would be a lamb and Lyla would be Bo Peep.  The closer we got to Halloween this year the more Lyla talked about being some kind of fuzzy creature - and my dreams were dashed.  Then my hair stylist suggested I have Lyla be the lamb and Evie Bo Peep, which was brilliant, except apparently only babies are allowed to be lambs because I couldn't find a single costume over the size of 18 mos.

Anyways, I decided it was best to let Lyla have her way - it's all about picking your battles these days and Bo Peep just wasn't worth it.  But, I could not figure out what to have Evie be.  One day her hair was particularly whacked out and I jokingly said "she'd make a great Ace Ventura."  Light bulb.

I have to admit in the sea of baby lambs and princesses at the fire station Halloween party, Evie's costume fell a little flat.  I'm not sure if people were confused by the boy attire and pink blankie and pacifier, or if they just didn't get it.  I'd like to think it was just too smart of humor for them to comprehend, but Ace Ventura isn't really "smart" humor, soooo...

Anyways, here's some photos.  Our bunny wasn't feeling particularly photogenic tonight, and poor Evie has a bad cold so not exactly the best photos ever.  But there is a pretty awesome TMNT jack-o-lantern (that Ryan drew free hand and then carved.  Amazing.), so at least there's that.

Happy Halloween!

- K


Because she's just too darling to have an entire post of her looking like a boy :)

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  1. Love little Bo Peep the bunny...holding her lamb. and Evie's the prettiest Ace Ventura ever!