Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Patchin'

Last weekend Ryan and I took a couple days off for a long weekend while my dad, stepmom and sister came to visit.  It was a great weekend, and those two extra days were magical.  We even got to go on a date - sushi (yum) and Gone Girl (yikes).

On Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch / corn maze / fall festival.  Lyla still remembers our trip to the pumpkin patch from last year (I'm pretty sure her brain AND bladder are way stronger than my own) and couldn't wait to go again.  They had so much to do - an exotic (NOT erotic as Ryan had hoped) petting zoo, a corn pit, (which for whatever reason is a total hit with the kiddos - Lyla is still talking about it), pig races, a huge slide, food tents, jump pillows (what are those, exactly?!) and so much more.  Everyone had a complete blast, and as always, the people watching was phenom.  ;)

- K

This face right here means one thing - impending mischief.

That corn, I'm telling you, every kid was obsessed with it!

The jumping pillows.

Love these cuties.

I don't remember what this guy was, but I think he loved me.

Baby water buffaloes.

A zebra - donkey mix.  I think they call it a "Zedonkadonk".

These emus are not to be trusted.


  1. Bahahhaa...a Zedonk?? What a FUN place. Looks like a blast!

  2. What fun times and great pictures!!