Monday, December 9, 2013

Date Nights and Christmas Parties

Last night  Ryan and I got a babysitter and went out on the town.  We had an amazing dinner at this swanky steak and sushi place called Seven.  Unfortunately I can't have raw sushi, which is my favorite, but we did get a great cooked roll, delish truffle mac and cheese with lobster (YUM) and I'm pretty sure the best steak I've ever, ever had.  It was a pregnant lady's dream come true.

Not a pregnant lady's dream come true?  Heading straight to the Drake concert and apparently being sat in the cigarette/cigar/joint chain smoking section.  Indoors.  We'd been looking forward to the concert forever, but as soon he got started the place went up in smoke...and I headed straight for the doors.  It was kind of a bummer, but I honestly should have known better.  On the positive side, it was fantastic people watching.  Being totally sober at events where most people are far from that is just hilarious.

The cutest part of our weekend though was a little Christmas party we took Lyla to on Saturday morning.  Lyla wore her Christmas Eve dress for the second time already (thank goodness I got a back up ;) and was little miss fancy pants with her sparkly shoes, bow and tulle galore...and then couldn't put down the boy's toy trucks.  She just might be a heart breaker some day.  You know, when she's like 30 and we finally let her talk to boys.

The party was so fun and Lyla had about a week's worth of sugar.  She wasn't so sure about santa, but seeing her slowly back up into daddy's arms for protection was the sweetest.  Makes my heart melt all over again just thinking about it. They're my favorite.

- K

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  1. What a pretty Christmas wonder the boys were wanting a hug! Ask her to wear it on Christmas day too.