Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Bedtime Story

I was going to post those photos from the museum I'd promised, but tonight was a night that will go down in my memory record books and I had to share it here.  Ryan had to be gone past bedtime so I got to give our girl a bath and get her ready for bed on my own.  She loves for me to get in her crib with her, which I oblige more often than not because I tend to get the very best snuggles when I'm in there.  Tonight was no different and after her bath she wanted straight in her crib, then stuck her fat little pointer finger into the bed next to her, saying "mama".  I threw in her lotion, comb, and pj's and climbed right in.  I tend to sing all sorts of silly songs when we're getting ready for naps or bedtime and tonight I started singing that Barney song, you know the one.  "I love you, you love me..."  We haven't watched Barney in a really long time, and I haven't sung that song in forever but as I got to the hug part she stood up and threw herself at me, wrapping her little arms tight around me.  As I continued to the "kiss from you to me" she pulled her little head back and gave me a big old smooch right on the lips.  I think my heart literally smiled, skipped a beat, and jumped for joy.  It was pure magic.  I asked her where she knew the song from and she just looks at me and says "Barn Barn."  I laughed and said "How did you get so smart?!"  And she goes "Dora." 

That little girl seriously kills me.

- K

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