Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Beginning

our wedding - denver,  co - oct 2008
maternity pics - denver, co - dec 2011

happy birthday, lyla rose! - denver, co- feb 6, 2012

family pics - minneapolis, mn - may 2012
Blog post number one.  Life has been a little crazy for us lately, with an infant, 2 moves and 2 new jobs in one year - yikes.  I've wanted to start one of these for a long time so our family and friends can keep track of us while we are away, but mostly for my own sake.  Everything is moving so fast, especially our little baby these days!  Everyday is an adventure of crawling, standing, squealing, teething and bumping heads. I am obsessive with taking pictures, but still fear that these little silly moments that seem so important right now will be forgotten along the way.  This - I hope - will be a good way to record the details.  Maybe someday we'll have a whole brood of kids piling up to look back when mom and dad were young and cool and actually did fun things.  ;)

- K

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  1. Great idea --- So glad you're doing it--- LR will always appreciate this!