Monday, September 24, 2012

Dad's Turn

doing tricks with dad
Let me begin by saying that I don’t read blogs.  When Kassi suggested that in addition to being a stay at home mom AND working a 40 hour a week career she would start a ‘blog’ to document our lives; I thought she had finally succumbed to the insanity of sleep deprivation.  When she really did it I decided I had better chip in.  I also made the mistake of saying 'well I am the writer of the family so it wouldn't make much sense if you wrote everything and I just sat idly by’.   So here we are.  In regards to our little family I would say that the one thing the books leave out about having a child is that no matter how hard it is... it will inevitably get harder.  That is relevant for us right now as just this last couple weeks Lyla has not only began crawling around but also seeking incessantly to prop herself up and then dive head first off of everything she can find.  So in addition to having to change diapers that look more and more like they were filled by an adult, teething, and fewer naps there are also the apparent suicidal tendencies to deal with.  Coming to terms with the fact that I may never again relax and watch a football game with my feet up is something I battle with everyday.  Come share in the journey with us.


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  1. RYRY,

    I can't wait for the baby to ask for a cookie and choco milk at the coffee shop. You know you will cave!!!

    Nice on the Glendale boach... what kind of operation you guys running out there. Why do you love the Raiders so much?