Sunday, September 23, 2012

Skol, Vikings!

our new skyline - minneapolis, mn

brauts and beer - yummmm


first vikings game!

favorite little face
Moving away from our friends and family was tough - especially with a 2 month old.  I worried that Lyla would develop some major separation anxiety being almost solely around me and her dad.  Turns out she's doing fine and I've developled the anxiety.  We are together so much that I have a harder time being away now than I did even when she was brand new.  BUT, we do manage to peel ourselves away now and then - today being one of those times.  Ryan got some tickets to the Vikings game and some great new friends that have a one year old offered to watch L for us.  Man, these Minnesotans are SERIOUS about their teams.  The Metrodome was a sea of purple and sooo loud.  It was a blast.  Having time for just the two of us is so nice, but getting back to that smiling face is the best feeling.  EVER.

- K

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