Friday, September 28, 2012



I'm always excited for Friday, even if it doesn't quite mean the R&R it used to.  This week was a hectic one, but still pretty great.  The weather has been amazing - windows open, leaves changing, sweater-and-boot-wearing kind of weather.  This is hands down my favorite time of year... 

...except for the ridiculous amounts of box elder bugs that are clinging to our window screens!  It's disgusting.  I was warned about all the bugs in MN, but hadn't really run into many until now.  Then again we don't really spend a lot of time in the wilderness, where I'm guessing they tend to reside.  ;)

L and I have been going on lots of walks since the weather has been so nice.  She's loving sitting in the stroller and shopping carts like a big girl.  She's such a little ham...anything that allows her to catch someone's eye and give them a giggle and a smile with that one little tooth.  I just eat it up, and so does everyone else.

I even got a little mommy date with a new girlfriend out here while the dads watched the babies.  We went to Porter Creek, this awesome restaurant nearby with the best patio we've found yet.  Many a bottle of wine have been consumed there this summer.  It was sooo nice to get out for an evening!  Thanks, hubs, for taking care of our little miss!  xx

Have a great weekend!

- K

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