Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paranoid Moms Anonymous?

Before I had Lyla I knew I would be the coolest mom.  I wouldn't worry about germs, I wouldn't care when she was crying, and I definitely wouldn't freak out about the small things...then she was born.  I was immediately the paranoid weirdo that I couldn't stand.  I mean I practically needed a brown paper bag any time someone held her.  If they coughed around her?  Forget about it.  I pretty much have her pediatrician on speed dial and take her in monthly, at the slightest sign of a runny nose or cough.  I am everything I despise.  So, needless to say we were at the doctor yesterday because L has been messing with her ear and I was sure she had an ear infection.  Turns out it was nothing.  Weird.  This whole "motherhood" thing has sure thrown me for a loop.  Can't wait 'til she has her first break up.  It totally won't phase me at all.

- K

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  1. Ours does that too when he's teething. I does look like an ear infection.