Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Emma Krumbee's!

Last week we had a date with Goan to a nearby Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch.  A friend recently told me about Emma Krumbee's and it did not disappoint!  There was so much to do, including a scarecrow festival, apple orchard and pumpkin patch.  We had corn dogs and bratwurst and homemade icecream, and picked the very biggest pumpkins we could get our hands on.  The weather even cooperated perfectly!

Here are some photos from our fun day!

- K

Boy's first corn pit!

Poor guy.  Before long he'll be able to fight back.  ;)

She really is the best big sister!

That face.  Swoon.

There were some pretty clever scarecrow displays!  :)

This picture makes my heart sing.  Thee little people are the best part of life.

Love the head support.  Haha!

The biggest we could find!  Somehow Lyla ended up with the biggest and I got a baby one like Rowan.  ;)

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