Thursday, October 12, 2017

Evie's First Field Trip!

Last week Rowan and I got to chaperone Evie on her first field trip!  Her class went to Cal's, a local nursery that has a little petting zoo and pumpkins in the Fall.  We go almost every year to pet the baby cows and goats so Sis was extra excited to go back!

The whole thing was so darn cute.  Evie loved her first bus ride!  We always count buses on our way to school every day, so getting to actually ride one was kind of a dream come true for her.  On the way home she bumped her head on the window when we went over a bump in the road.  She rubbed her little head and told me "him is a caaaaazy ziver!"  Little cutie.  These 3 year olds, they can be such little devils, but man are they adorable!  Can't get enough.

Here are some pics from our day!

- K

So excited to get on the bus!!

None of our bus selfies turned out that well, but it was a RARE moment of actually wanting to take pictures for Sis, so I had to document.  ;)

Baby cows!

Feeding baby goats!

 This girl and her posing!  She's either all in or all out...with pretty much everything.

Her whole cutie class.  Preschoolers are the best.

Back in the car and waiting for Big Sis!  Evie's class gets out an hour before Lyla, so snacks in the car is our T/Th ritual.  :)

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