Thursday, November 9, 2017


Halloween already feels like an eternity ago, but I can't not post these pictures because it was seriously the best ever.  Not that these pictures even fully capture that.  We're just at such good ages right now, where everything is so exciting and magical and fun. 

We carved pumpkins for the first time since Lyla was almost 2, so I was nervous about the potential chaos going in, but it turned into such a fun night.  We only worked on 3 of the 5 pumpkins, and they all came out pretty cute!  We put in our candles and brought them outside.  The girls were thrilled and it turned into a whole family dance and song in the pitch black in our front yard.  (If you didn't already know this, most things turn into a family dance and song around here. ;)

On Halloween the boy and I got to attend Evie's Halloween party at school, then we all headed home and prepped for that night.  Evie transformed from Belle to a Ghostbuster, to go with the family theme.  Well, everyone in the family except for Lyla, who was a princess!  Shocking, I know.  ;)

Lyla begged for a $100 candy witch costume she'd found in a catalog.  She was told she could do chores and pay for half...but she didn't.  She was even bribed to stop sucking her thumb...but she didn't.  So we got creative and made a candy princess with tulle cotton candy and pipe cleaner lollipops.  It turned out pretty cute.  :)

It was the coldest Halloween I can remember for a while now, but the kids were resilient and goal oriented with their trick-or-treating, each getting way more candy than we'd need in a year.  Which is excellent because Ryan and I get to partake without anyone ever noticing.  ;)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We're moving straight along to Christmas in this house.  Christmas carols and movies have begun, and I'm loving every bit of it!

- K