Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sever's Fall Festival: Where Pumpkins are Picked and Alpacas Roam Free

Last weekend we went to Sever's Fall Festival, which is sort of like every other Minnesota Fair / Festival - food, rides, petting zoos, people watching, etc.  But this one has a huge corn maze and a pumpkin patch - so Fall Festival it is.  And, just like any of the other festivals this year, we had a blast.

Lyla loved it every bit as much as last year, but was completely upset they didn't have pig races - the one thing she remembered and mentioned literally all year long.  She was much more interested in the corn maze than last year, and even ran into non-corn-maze corn, disappearing for a good 5 minutes without any response to my increasingly frantic yelling.  When she re-appeared I hugged her, then strangled her - like any good mom would.

My highlight of the day was the alpacas in the petting zoo.  They weren't actually roaming free, but there was one that caught my eye immediately.  He continuously dodged peoples petting and shook his head fiercely if anyone tried to feed him the cups o' junk they hand out.  Not to mention his teeth.  Does he look more like Beavis and Butthead?  Austin Powers?  Napoleon Dynamite?  Either way we totally connected and I still want to bring him home.

Both girls loved the corn pit again, but I think they're favorite was the pumpkin patch at the end.  Lyla wanted to buy 15 of the same pumpkins and Evie fell in love with one and refused to leave it's side.  So naturally, Dad bought it for her.

Fall is the best.  :)

- K

this was before the "corn incident", when I thought she'd playfully run in and out of the corn - not disappear for all of eternity

sis didn't see why she should ever have to leave that horse

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