Thursday, October 1, 2015


The girls and I flew out to Denver the weekend before Ruggerfest to get some extra family time.  We got to see all the grandparents except for Ryan's parents, who were out of town.  We even got to see every one of the great-grandparents AND Auntie Jo who happened to be in town the first weekend we were there.

Ten days away from home was a little much for the girls, but we made the most of it.  They both loved seeing their baby cousins (and so did I), which always makes me the saddest when leaving.  I love those babies and it's so cute to see how much the girls love them too.  Both of them are just smitten and I find myself wishing they were all growing up together. BUT, if it weren't for us those lucky little cousins would've never been able to experience the joys of Minnesota.  So I guess that's something.  ;)

Miss you, family!  Until next time.  XOXO

- K

 My little cuddle bug dove right in for some loves.

Four generations right here.  It was such a fluke that we all happened to be in town. 
I'll always love this picture.

Love my sisters.  Can't wait to see how this group continues to change and grow.   I'm thinking there's plenty of room for lots more babies.  :)

LOVE him.

I did not pack swimsuits for this trip so we swam in borrowed swimsuits, diapers and a tank top and panties.  The water was miserably cold, but totally worth it.

This was at my grandma's house for my dad and aunt's birthday dinner.  After hours of coaxing we finally caught a cat.  And Lyla is obsessed with umbrellas right now, so this was sort of her heaven.

Muffins and bacon and pancakes...we did not starve.  Except for Evie who basically refused to eat anything all week.

But she did partake in pretend breakfast tea parties.

 Lyla learned how to skateboard from Uncle Joe.

She actually ate something!  But mostly I love that pony tail.

Wheel barrow rides and "tractor" (riding lawn mower) rides were their favorite source of entertainment.

Our last night in Denver, after Ruggerfest, we spent at Ryan's parents (without them) but got to see Auntie Alycia and baby Brailyn!

We capped off the stay with some silly string.  A nice little welcome home present for the grandparents.  :)

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