Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cheers to Seven Years!

Today is our seventh anniversary and also the weekend that Ryan's rugby team is playing one of his all time rivals in Kansas City - which he really wanted to travel for. But instead of being in Minneapolis together to celebrate or him going to Kansas City, I'm sitting in the Phoenix airport because he insisted I get out here for a little girl's weekend with my best friend.  Looking back to my wedding 7 years ago, I almost can't remember the guy I married, he's grown and changed so much, and he deserves to have some praises sung. 

I love thinking back to our wedding and all the feelings and jitters and emotions. I felt so lucky to be marrying Ryan then, and I didn't even know what was in store. I married the hardest worker I knew, who was also a hot head. We both had our opinions and weren't afraid to duke it out when necessary (not literally, of course) but I knew it was good because we learned about each other and made changes after those little disputes to become better. 

Fast forward to now and my hot head husband has become the peace keeper. He's become more patient and gentle and generous than I could have ever imagined. He puts others first, but his family before anyone. He works hard at his job and at home, and he appreciates everything he has. There are no words to describe how happy and proud I am to have him be the father figure and role model for our kids, and leader of our family. 

I thought I was lucky seven years ago and I didn't even know his potential. I didn't even expect to get this version of him. I am so truly blessed to get to call him mine. 

I love you to the moon and back, Ryan Chapman! 

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