Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Motherhood is My Jam

Last Wednesday Ryan took off to Denver to collect his '87 El Camino that he inherited from his grandpa last year.  He and his best friend drove back over the weekend and finally made it home Sunday night.  It was the longest time we'd had away from dad without any sort of family around to help, which was a little daunting.  I had the all time worst cell phone reception and internet connections (my new office seems to be in some sort of communication black hole), which made work extra fun, the 3 year old drama and sister rivalry were on high alert, and Evie and I both caught a cold, but us girls still managed to have just about the best time ever.

We were so excited to have Dad back, but even after 5 days with our cuckoo birds alone I still wasn't sick of them.  I even felt the tiniest twinge of sadness that I didn't get to hoard them all to myself anymore when they were whisked off to bed by Ryan.  Having little Lyla cuddle me in my bed every night was so cozy and reminded me so much of those baby days where I'd hold her endlessly for almost every nap.

When I was growing up I'd complain to my mom about not finding "my thing".  I was good at a few things, but I hadn't found "the" thing.  There was nothing I loved or was passionate enough to truly excel at.  Even motherhood was something I looked forward to, but was in no rush for.  But when I had Lyla, I knew - this was it.  I love it.  And this weekend just made those feelings all soar again.  Like, I really love the ish out of it.  Bad days and good days and "you're a BAD mom!" and "you're the best mom in the whole wide world!!".  I love it.  Life with these chicks is the very best. 

- K

We started the weekend with princess parties and serenades.

We wrestle-cuddled...

...and real cuddled.

We drew pretty pictures...

...and found out we LOVE chicken noodle soup.

My ever-helping Lyla threw an entire can of black beans in Evie's bowl - which she surprisingly ate most of - which I paid for later.

Evie put her baby to bed in her old baby bed.  Why is she so big?!

We have a story about Elsa and Anna having a slumber party which included green face cream, so we had to have a slumber party with green face cream. 
(do not use food coloring in your face cream.  bad idea.)

Sunday was warm and sunny so we headed outside for ice cream cones, then headed to the park to burn off the sugar.  Dad arrived shortly after and us girls couldn't have been more excited to see him!

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