Friday, June 6, 2014

Hello, June

Well, another May has come and gone.  It's always the craziest month for me because it's the end of my company's fiscal year, and was particularly crazy this year being my first month back from maternity leave.  But, somehow we all survived.  My mom and dad came into town to help for the last few days, and then we got to actually have a little fun the last couple days of their trip.

We went back to Lake Harriet for another one of those delicious lobster rolls, and because it's pretty much our favorite place ever in Minnesota.  And Ryan and I actually had our first outing without any babes since E was born.  We went to Neighbors, and it was perfectly, inappropriately hilarious.

Here's some pics from their trip.  And can you just take a look at Miss Everly in that picture with my mom?!  Those rolls are just to die for.  She's obviously in a bulking phase.  ;)

- K

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